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Easy and quick to handle, Optimizze facilitates your work organization and business management.


With Optimizze, each step becomes a starting point. Everything is archived and organized. There are countless time savings.


Fully customizable and available in 5 versions, Optimizze is completed gradually as your needs evolve.


Unpaid, due dates, cash-flow, recalls, batches, traceability, stock, costs, expiration,.... Information is ubiquitous and accessible.


Your data is clear. You know who, what and when. The tools speak to you and your choices are better.

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You are unique, it's your strength!
Optimizze adapts to you whether you are a small business, a SME or a craftsman.

Since 27 years
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This free version is :

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  • ok Unlimited in time
  • ok Not modulable - Not extendable
  • ok No support - no advice
  • ok 1 user


This rental version is :

  • ok Affordable & advantageous
  • ok Tailor-made & extendable
  • ok Training - Service - Support
  • ok Tailor-made business advice
  • ok 1 to 5 users (extendable)


This version to purchase is:

  • ok Economic and lasting
  • ok Preconfigured or customized
  • ok With or without Service
  • ok with or without business advice
  • ok 1 to 200 users

. . .    Features    . . .

  • Multi-users

    Designed to manage up to 200 users, Easy-Optimizze is gradually growing. Knowing who has done what and when, and the implications this has for your finances or inventory management, are questions that our solutions can easily answer.
    The traceability of batches, stocks and document flows is omnipresent in order to guarantee the serenity and seriousness of your business.
    Knowing what your employees are doing is giving you the opportunity to give them total confidence and enable them to reveal their full potential.
  • The power of documents

    Documents are at the very heart of our company. Some represent a commercial act, a commitment, a request or the result of an action. Each document has its own role related to the function assigned to it. It represents a process in your organization that results from your needs. It integrates fully with the rules of your company. Optimizze reproduces this reality by allowing you to make a document exactly what you want it to be. Thus for some, an invoice will be used to claim money, while for others it will accompany a stock removal. And for others it will only be an administrative document that does not interact with the rest of society. Optimizze provides you with more than 350 parameters that interact with your finances, stocks, document flows, recalls, statistics and so that they precisely respect the operating rules you have defined in your company.
  • Traceability of batches, stocks, materials and documents

    Traceability is one of Optimizze's key strengths. Knowing who does what, when and with what type of documents and/or goods becomes possible in a few clicks. At any time, you have a clear and complete overview of your company's situation.
    . Inventory management offers a constant visibility on the IN and OUT movements of your company's various stocks, whether they are multiple, mobile or outsourced. You benefit in real time from a clear and precise follow-up on the state of your stocks in the various production sites. Publish on the Internet your stock situation in real time is also very easy to achieve.
  • Customers, prospects and suppliers

    You are in permanent contact with companies that are either prospects, customers or suppliers. These companies are above all partners whose role is not limited to buying or selling goods. Optimizze integrates these multiple roles in the traceability of documents, stocks and batches. Knowing where goods come from, to whom they have been delivered, find an outdated or defective lot are just a few examples of the view that our solutions give you on the exchanges you have with the outside world.
  • Advanced deadlines and statistics

    A clear view of your assets, expenses, financial commitments and future income is essential for sound management. Tracking your cash flow, cash flow, cash flow, payment delays and those of your customers is essential. Valuing your inventory in real time, correctly estimating the payment terms of your customers is essential to any company in full growth. Our predictive simulations are based on contractual deadlines, taking into account the actual payment delays of your customers if you wish. Seeing clearly in your cash flow, comparing sales or margin curves are intuitive functions integrated natively in our software solutions.

... And much more !

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Commercial Management

Factures, bons de commande, notes de crédit, bon de livraison, offres, statistiques, rappels.

Articles Management

Descriptions, traductions en 15 langues, fiche technique, tableau de prix, infos fournisseurs, code-barres.

CStocks & Lots

Quantité par stocks, liste des lots, historiques des transactions par lot, FIFO/LIFO, analyses, réception.

Financial Statistics

Cash-Flow, prévisionnel financier, calendrier des charges et revenus, crédits en cours, retards de paiements.

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